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4 steps for leaders to take now


Identify your opportunities

How can brand guide decision making?

Talk through your challenges with our highly experienced team and focus on the opportunities change brings

When faced with disruption, brands that build intelligent, creative responses come out on top. Whether you’re adapting to a new market reality, undergoing a transformation or experiencing unprecedented growth, we’ll help you create an action plan, not only to survive, but thrive in the economic situation we face.

Whether your industry is adversely affected, or experiencing elevated demand, our team will help you to make a clear, actionable plan of how your brand can help you navigate those challenges.

We’ll start by meeting your leadership team to learn about your situation. We’ll deep-dive into what drives your customers and stakeholders and take the temperature of the market to find the space for you to make your move. We’ll set your direction towards opportunities that help you drive business results. All delivered in a clear, recommended action plan that’s built for your organisation.


Strategy shaped for delivery

How will your customers' behaviour change?

Hone your brand strategy to ensure it is working hard to achieve your business goals

Now more than ever, your brand strategy needs to be tightly aligned with your business strategy. Shifting priorities and new concerns might mean it is time to fine-tune your brand platform and revisit how you bring it to life throughout your organisation in order to deliver on your objectives.

We can help you navigate challenges, define opportunities and take tough decisions in a way that is led by your brand strategy. Whether you’re restructuring, seeking to capitalise on opportunities presented by the economic downturn, or experiencing a new reality, your brand should be at the heart of everything you do.

For those in dangerous waters, we bring global experience to assessing perceptions and re-positioning your brand for success. For those poised for action, we can give your leadership team a fresh perspective through brand-led innovation sessions to ideate new products and services. We put brand to work for your business’ objectives.


Put your people first

How will you take care of your people?

We can help you bring your team together and shape an Employee Value Proposition to inspire them

Both businesses and employees are facing unprecedented threats to future security. Many teams are under pressure to deliver in unusual circumstances, or may be anxious about what the future holds.

Our aim is to help you lead your workforce to create the best work of their careers in this exceptional time, by ensuring they feel inspired and valued.

Our Cultural Identity programme can assess the mood of your team, and work to either establish or update an Employee Value Proposition that can engage and motivate them. A new employee journey can be designed to counter the detrimental effect of the economic downturn on morale. We can then turn this promise into a practical recommendation for an employee experience that is as distinctive as your brand. We will ensure your employer brand strategy is an actionable, bottom-up solution.


Communicate with confidence

How can you build trust and loyalty?

We will help you craft communications to build trust and loyalty

In times of uncertainty, we all seek reassurance. Those in positions of leadership must rise to the challenge and respond with agility and empathy. The stakes are high. Leaders who fail to prepare can betray the trust of their audiences and sustain long-term damage. But those that respond intelligently have a chance to build strong loyalty.

We can help you craft compelling and consistent communications. We will help you build a cross-channel strategy that represents your values, whether your customers’ are seeking information, partners need reassurance or your team is calling for clarity. We’ll highlight core messages tailored to your business priorities and ensure your tone hits the right note, and deliver a tailored content plan for the relevant channels, whether internal or external.

Your verbal identity speaks volumes. Go beyond reassurance and to build communications that shine through the clouds of concern. It’s never been more important.

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