We see moments of change as opportunities, and brand as the tool you need to make the most of them


We have seen change influence many new and established businesses. In different industries, under different circumstances. We help clients harness that change.

We bring the years, global experience, and stamina to guide our clients through new and often disruptive realities.

Work by ensuring it's authentic and relevant.
Work by making it come alive inside and outside of the business.
Work by ensuring it provides sustainable return on investment.
Work by using it to solve the challenges our clients encounter as they change.


We see these four scenarios of change most often in our work. We use them to ensure sustained success for our clients.

  • Create

    Creating what's next

    Start-up businesses or established companies developing new products or services.

    Create projects
  • Grow

    Growing your reach

    Through acquisitions, mergers or international expansions. 

    Grow projects
  • Adapt

    Adapting to a new reality

    Adapt to a new competitive landscape, define an offer or reposition for a new marketplace.

    Adapt projects
  • Transform

    Transforming your business

    Embrace a new vision, define new targets, set a new strategy

    Transform projects


The tool kit we use to make brand work

  • Whether your organisation wants to foster better perceptions, reposition in a certain market or take advantage of untapped growth potential in your product portfolio, brand strategy helps companies set their direction and drive business results.

    Purpose, Positioning & Proposition
    We help companies, places and non-profits articulate the core idea, purpose and story behind the distinct value they provide. This lays the foundation to make brand work through everything that they say and do, inside and out.

    Brand Platform
    We set out the organisation’s authentic, relevant and distinctive qualities. From the values that influence employee behaviour to the personality that shapes a coherent customer experience, we craft the foundation that ensures perception and reality are aligned.

    Brand Architecture & Portfolio
    The way your group, companies and/or products relate to one another should be purposefully structured to ensure they are optimally positioned for business growth and to help audiences navigate your offer with ease.

  • Our design solutions help meet strategic business goals. Whether you need to make transformation real, ensure users’ experience of your brand is exceptional or differentiate yourself from the competition, we can use design to achieve this.

    Visual Identity
    We build distinctive visual identities, based on strategic foundations. We focus on delivering an identity that will work to help your brand reach its goals, and will be simple for your team to implement.

    Digital & UX
    Our digital design team will ensure your products and services are optimised to deliver brand across all channels. From product development to UX testing, we offer a full range of digital design services.

    Sonic & Sensorial
    We define holistic identities that are built for delivery. Working across all senses, we’ll show you new ways your brand can be brought to life.

    Retail & Spaces
    Retail and spaces are your opportunity to let audiences inhabit your brand. We deliver retail experiences and branded spaces that make your vision physical.

    Make your presence felt at every opportunity. We define distinctive motion behaviours for your brand to ensure it is communicating across every channel.

  • A verbal identity is necessary for brands to clearly express themselves. It conveys their distinct personality and effectively builds audience relationships. As an integral part of any corporate identity, the right words can create real impact, fast.

    A good name doesn’t make the brand but it’s a good place to start. Our approach to naming defines the objectives it should achieve, generates relevant options, tests and vets them for legal and language restrictions to arrive at a shortlist of viable names.

    A tagline is a potent device that communicates a concise, memorable, and defining message about the brand. We strive to create powerful taglines that pass the barrier from marketing speak to everyday phrases and sometimes even become cultural phenomena.

    Voice & Tone
    When brands have a distinctive voice they can have a big impact. We help brands leverage their tone of voice to ensure their personality shines through the medium and message.

    Messaging Themes
    Core messages tailored to business priorities make for consistent and compelling communication. We develop message themes that serve as the foundation for all expression, from campaigns to press releases, both internally and externally.

    Signature Stories
    Brand stories can transmit complex content in a simple and engaging way. We build signature stories to last, ensuring they are ready to be told at the right time and on the right channels.

  • When brand permeates everything, your organisation does and becomes an integral part of your culture, it helps to attract talent, drive behavioural change or build a unique work atmosphere.

    Brand Engagement
    More than other factors, work with a clear purpose motivates and drives the performance of your people. We create programmes that bring your brand to life for employees, across cultures, ethnicities and age groups. Brand’s influence on organisational culture ensures a more authentic, relevant, bottom-up employee experience.

    Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand
    The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) articulates what an organisation promises and delivers to existing and prospective employees. By putting brand at the centre of this effort, it ensures uniqueness and avoids simply implementing standard drivers of employee attraction and retention. The Employer Brand meanwhile elaborates the ‘why’ behind your EVP and helps to inspire primarily external audiences that may be interested in working for you.

    Employee Experience
    We use experience design methodologies to craft employee experiences that are as distinctive and authentic as your brand. We define employee personas, map out existing employee journeys across their career and use brand to redesign an those journeys so that they consistently deliver on your EVP.

  • We use a suite of primary research tools to provide the data and insights you need to ensure brand is working for your business.

    Brand metrics can help you test new concepts or diagnose perception challenges to make sure you’re offering relevant value. Make the business case for brand by proving its impact on your organisation.

    Brand Effectiveness
    We measure Brand Effectiveness by using data to identify where critical business challenges exist and quantify how Saffron’s creative brand solutions are working to resolve those challenges.

    Concept Testing
    Add objectivity to the subjective task of choosing a creative path. We test names, taglines and design systems with real consumers in a confidential and impartial way to identify the most relevant solution.

    Brand Analytics
    Our Brand Analytics practice adds brand strategy to your management KPI dashboard. By translating the brand strategy into a suite of clear measures, senior leadership can take targeted action to ensure the brand experience promised is being delivered.

  • Brands must continuously evolve how and what they do to stay relevant and competitive.

    To stay ahead of competitors and keep up with industry disruptors, investigate growth potential or reposition your offering in line with new realities, use brand-led innovation. Together we can identify which options will enhance your offering or future-proof your revenue.

    Brand Experience Design
    Harness your brand to deliver innovative experiences for customers, employees or other important audiences. We create authentic, meaningful and differentiating experiences, across digital and physical touch points.

    Product & Service Design
    We envision, design and prototype products and services. We do this across multiple touchpoints and markets, working with you to ensure differentiation for your brand. We can also go further and provide you with go-to-market strategies and service blueprints to activate what we have jointly created.

    Brand Prototyping
    The potential in a powerful brand platform can only be unleashed through bringing it to life. Whether activating a brand for internal or external audiences, through digital or offline channels, we can work with you to create activation concepts, prototypes and final deliverables that meet your business goals.

    Brand-driven Future Ideation
    Are you pondering how to diversify your business, or in need of a reinvention? Understanding the challenges and opportunities future trends pose for your business will be crucial. Guided by your brand strategy, we identify and evaluate untapped growth territories and define a roadmap towards them. From new products to creating new business units or companies, opportunities could be small steps or wholesale change.

    Digital Brand Experience Design
    Digital products and services have permeated our lives. We help you make the most these opportunities by defining the right mix of branded products, services and behaviours. From evaluating and benchmarking the current digital experience, to advising on the detail of implementing improvements or launching a new approach in the digital realm.

    Future Brand Modelling
    Sometimes there is a need to rethink what you do and how you deliver. We help you rethink your business, uncovering new ways to use existing assets and processes, or bring an entirely new value proposition to market.

  • Integrating a brand into an organisation and maintaining it are challenging tasks that require sustained discipline and creativity.

    We can help you to make your brand real for those who will be responsible for delivering on its promise, and to build a guardianship strategy to ensure the investment in brand drives returns over years to come.

    Brand Activation
    Developing a brand strategy is just the beginning. We develop opportunities, activities and a roadmap to bring brand to life throughout the organisation and beyond. The aim is to let people know what your brand stands for, whether they’re customers, media, investors or other stakeholders.

    Brand Guardianship
    Taking care of your brand requires discipline. It is essential to actively maintain your brand to ensure it remains relevant and well-articulated. We instil management strategies and practices to help businesses protect brand integrity and deliver it across operations consistently.

  • Places branding builds distinctive brands and strategies for destinations. We help them become more attractive destinations for their audiences for tourists, investors, students and businesses.

    We can deliver brands that help to attract more visitors, appeal to new audiences or that streamline communications to drive impact and financial efficiencies.

    Cities, Nations and Developments
    We develop brands for cities, nations and places to put them on the map. Our place brand practice defines the essence of a place’s offering and helps them communicate their offering more effectively with their audiences.

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