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At Saffron, we thrive on the unknown and never take anything for granted. Here, you’ll find a place where you will constantly learn new things and expand your horizons. You’ll be encouraged to take ideas and run with them; to own projects, relationships, or the creation of new IP. Whether you’re a seasoned specialist or just starting out, your voice is always heard. And, of course, you will work with an incredibly talented and extraordinarily diverse group of people who will support, challenge and inspire you every day.

Open Positions


Senior Programme Manager



Senior Programme Manager

The role

We are looking for a Senior Programme Manager who is eager to develop with us and grow their skills by working with global clients on exciting and challenging projects. Reporting to the Chief Client Officer.

What you will do

  • Manage programmes alone and/or alongside a Programme Director, depending on their size.
  • Responsible for facilitating team communication, enabling shared thinking and delivery.
  • Responsible for driving delivery of work on brief, time and budget.
  • Work closely with design and strategy teams to deliver projects above expectations.
  • Support and drive and grow client relationships.
  • Solid at scoping proposals for new and existing clients, including planning, timelines, costing, etc.
  • Commitment to excellent and rigorous programme management.


  • You have at least 5 years of experience in similar positions in brand consulting or communications’ industries.
  • Understanding of the importance of brand seen as a management tool.
  • Proven experience in managing mid to large scale programmes.
  • You are eager to learn, grow and motivated to solve for the big picture and tackle the details.
  • Comfortable taking ownership and responsibility for delivery.
  • Strong organisational skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to work under high-pressure, on multiple work streams and tight deadlines

As a Saffronite we’ll expect you to:

  • Be curious in nature and hungry to learn.
  • Be open and flexible in mindset and delivery.
  • Have a balance of IQ and EQ.
  • Be a problem-solver with a hands-on approach.
  • Embrace responsibility and ownership.
  • Be committed and thorough.
  • Work as a team player, fostering the ONE Culture across borders.

How to apply

If you’re interested, please send your CV and a PDF with some examples of your work at with headline: Senior Programme Manager


London / Madrid

London / Madrid


The role

We are on the lookout for a solid mid-level Strategist who is a native English speaker. He/she would be based in our London office but work as part of a global team, reporting into our Chief Strategy Officer.


  • You have 3 to max 5 years of experience in similar brand agencies. Other brand/ marketing/creative/consulting world experience to be considered.
  • You have proven experience in several brand disciplines: naming, brand positioning, brand architecture, brand experience, verbal identity.
  • You have experience in Digital Strategy, Innovation and Agile working methodologies a plus.
  • You are a strong storyteller – written and verbal.
  • You have strong presentation skills.
  • You are on top of and inspired by cultural trends.
  • You are well-travelled.
  • Your mother tongue is English, other languages a plus, such as German or Spanish.

As a Saffronite we’ll expect you to

  • Work with global clients to understand their business problems and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Demonstrate appetite and initiative to seek actionable insights to drive the creation of strategic ideas and solutions.
  • Flexibly apply learnings and experience to each project on a bespoke basis.
  • Work collaboratively with the team, clients and external partners to uphold our commitment to excellence.
  • Help Jr. Strategists and interns understand and navigate Saffron, our values and ways of working, approaches and how to perform their tasks.
  • Take an active interest in Saffron’s commerciality by actively supporting new business development initiatives, pitches and proposals.
  • Easily switch between different types of projects and industries, applying an elastic mindset and approach in the day to day.

How to apply

If you’re interested, please send your CV and cover letter to with subject: Strategist.

A day in the life


Andrew Harb

Programme Director

A day with Andy.

Programme Director, Madrid, Es.

With 15 years across brand and technology, Andrew is experienced in delivering technology and brand solutions ranging from large web builds with global country rollouts, e-commerce, brand optimisation and marketing campaigns across a wide range of industries including media, FMCG, government, banking, telecommunication and transport.

Tell us a bit about what a Program Manager does?

At Saffron the Project Management function is about ensuring both a healthy project outcome and a healthy client relationships.

We’re responsible for planning programs from start to completion which includes resourcing, forecasting, project planning, reporting and budgeting.

What does an ‘average’ day look like?

I have 3 words for you, planning, planning, planning. When we’re not planning we’re ensuring there are no blockers for the teams so that they can do their job smoothly.

We´re constantly working closely with the teams to ensure we’re all delivering against the client’s brief and requirements.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on The Valuable 500 who’s ultimate goal is to address disability inclusion by making sure it’s front of mind for the top 500 business leaders.

What has been your favourite project at Saffron so far?

The Xplor programme has been my favourite project to date. It was an opportunity to truly deliver an end to end brand experience covering everything from strategy to visual identity, brand architecture and the amalgamation of 20 brands into a single digital platform.

At Saffron our employee value proposition is being “Open to Everywhere”. What does this mean for you in practice?

Given Saffron has a natively global culture, it’s our promise to stay true to that. The idea behind the EVP is to continually challenge ourselves.

How did you get to the role you’re in today?

Having started off as a digital designer and developer, I moved into project management because I found I was able to translate what businesses want and help them along the path to realise their objectives both in brand and digital. Plus I’m intensely organised which makes me a good Programme Director.

Any advice for someone wanting to join Saffron?

Be you, be eager, as we’re all here to learn from each other.

Alicia Blázquez


A day with Alicia.

Designer, Madrid

Alicia Blázquez is a Digital Senior Designer with over 7 years of experience in the design industry. She’s passionate about everything that surrounds design, but she’s also fascinated by research and understanding business and culture to ensure that a brand’s products and services create both monetary and social value. Outside of work she enjoys connecting with nature through cycling, hiking or just photographing, her other passion.

Tell us a bit about what a Designer does?

A designer in this context is a facilitator and problem solver that uses storytelling and visual tools to capture the imagination and make thinking both tangible and exciting.

As a digital designer I’m focused on bridging the gap between branding and digital to boost brands into meaningful and purpose-driven experiences. It’s not only about adapting identities across interfaces, it’s also about understanding how we can add value for customers and for the organisation.

What does an ‘average’ day look like?

One of my favourite things about working at Saffron is that it is impossible to not be excited about every day’s challenges.

Depending on the phase of a project I am involved in, weeks can be very different. Normally my day is divided into quality time: focus time where I block as many hours as I can to ideate, explore, think, conceptualise, and design; and the rest of the time is based on different syncs, focused on checking work with the rest of the team but also with clients.

As a person that loves organisation, I try to plan every day to define how much time I’m going to spend working on different tasks, but at Saffron, I also learned to enjoy all the opportunities throughout each process and project.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently involved in two different projects. One is the creation of a digital experience for a museum, where we are finishing the development phase to bring the product to life.

The second project is about redesigning the identity of the world’s leading online trade provider, where besides the conceptualisation and creation of the identity, I’m focused on translating the new identity into different digital touchpoints.

What has been your favourite project at Saffron so far?

This is probably the most difficult question to answer… During my almost two years working at Saffron I’ve been involved in really interesting projects so it’s really difficult to choose between all of them.

But there’s a project that is so special to me: The Valuable 500. Their commitment to put disability on the leadership agenda is an amazing brief to work on. We worked with them to create a bespoke strategy and visual identity that we translated into different experiences with the challenge of creating an accessible but meaningful experience.

At Saffron our employee value proposition is being “Open to Everywhere”. What does this mean for you in practice?

For me, designing is a lot about being empathetic. To achieve this you must be open to listening, understanding and being curious about other realities. On one hand, we are surrounded by a talented team from 20 nationalities, which enriches our culture enormously. On the other hand, we are lucky to be able to work from our offices to a world that is open to collaboration. These two realities combined make our days both enriched and meaningful.

How did you get to the role you’re in today?

I started working at companies during the first year of my Degree in Graphic Design. Being in touch with real projects from the very beginning gave me more perspective on how to be more prepared for what was coming.

Once I finished my studies, I started working as a brand designer and soon moved to different digital design consultancies to explore in depth my passion in the digital field. I find my past experience in branding essential to design digital experiences with sensitivity, and to work both with brand strategists and designers.

Any advice for someone wanting to join Saffron?

Attitude and good energy are two of the key skills that will make you a good fit at Saffron. This needs to be combined with a good eye and really good skills. I would also recommend being open to working with an international team and global clients.

Emma Sisson


A day with Emma.

Junior Strategist, Madrid, Es.

With a background in marketing and communications, Emma joined Saffron’s Madrid office as a Junior Strategist in October 2019. A lover of all things food and wine, a keen photographer, and a passionate explorer, when she’s not at the office you can usually find her in one of Madrid’s many terraces and wine bars, picnicing in the park, or hiking through the surrounding mountains. Always with a camera in hand.

Tell us a bit about what a Strategist does?

The role of Strategists is to build the strategic foundations to create lasting brands. We do this by identifying a brand’s essence and setting the direction to guide everything the brand does in the future. We then help to tell its story in a way that is authentic, differentiating and relevant so that it resonates with the right people.

Essentially, we are problem solvers. We listen to our clients to understand their challenges and then use strategic thinking and creative expression to solve them. We work closely with Designers to find the best solution for our clients and deliver on their needs to create powerful brands with lasting impact.

What does an ‘average’ day look like?

Given the nature of the work and the pace of the projects, no two days are the same. As a Strategist you can be working for many different clients at once, so your days are usually split across several projects.

The work varies depending on project deliverables and what stage a project is at. For example, one morning you could be developing a brand platform or crafting a company’s EVP, and then that same afternoon you could be working with a designer to script and storyboard a brand video. We also get heavily involved with new business – unpicking briefs that come in, devising points of view to solve the challenge at hand and delivering pitches.

We work with global clients, so in pre-pandemic times you would also expect to be travelling on a regular basis, which means much of the above would most likely be done on a plane.

It definitely keeps us on our toes!

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a project for the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (Spanish Cancer Association), and for The Valuable 500, alongside Jess and Andy.

I’m also wrapping up a project for Bergé Auto, a big mobility company here in Spain, and I’m about to get started on a couple of exciting new things.

What has been your favourite project at Saffron so far?

I’ve been lucky to have worked on a lot of projects that resonate with me, including the projects I am currently working on for The Valuable 500 and the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (Spanish Cancer Association).

SOS Children’s Villages was my first project at Saffron and probably left the biggest impression on me because I was given a lot of responsibility from the get-go and was able to really own the work. It was a beautiful project with a lovely team of dedicated and passionate people. I also got to travel to Vienna, which is always a plus.

At Saffron our employee value proposition is being “Open to Everywhere”. What does this mean for you in practice?

Our EVP is an expression of our natively global culture. It’s our promise to be open to and embrace difference in all senses of the word.

In practice, it’s a continuous journey, a work in progress, a challenge to all of us to be willing to constantly learn and evolve. Our EVP is the north star guiding us on that journey and we should never lose sight of it.

How did you get to the role you’re in today?

They say you should never put all your eggs in one basket, but that was the case for me with Saffron.

I had been working in marketing and communications for several years and decided I wanted to shift my career to brand strategy. At the time, I had a very clear idea that I wanted to work at Saffron, and only Saffron.

There wasn’t a position open for me when I applied, but I was lucky enough to be offered an interview and I think they sensed my determination and enthusiasm then and there. A week later, they offered me a role as Junior Strategist in the Madrid office to start straight away.

In my case it boiled down to sheer determination and not giving up, despite some initial hurdles. And there was probably some luck and good timing involved, too.

Any advice for someone wanting to join Saffron?

This is as much about what you bring to Saffron as it is about what Saffron offers you. Be clear on what your value proposition is, but remember that this is an opportunity to learn and grow, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Facts and figures

What else?


We work across our locations in global teams, collaborating on projects with each other and our clients. Beyond the three you can read about below in detail, business development, marketing and finance teams are hard at work as well.



Responsible for creating and delivering meaningful, on-strategy and tangible solutions for clients that can range from identity prototypes to digital UX principles, experiential concepts to visual guidelines. The design team ensures an equilibrium between strategy and creativity, inspiration and implementation.


Client Services

Responsible for managing and nurturing client relationships, the client services team builds quality long-term engagements that are aimed at achieving positive and impactful results for clients as well as for Saffron. The team acts as the enabler between all the different moving parts of a project, providing structure, organisation as well as strategic know-how.



Responsible for delivering actionable, business-relevant, brand-led solutions for clients that can range from brand purpose to brand architecture, brand naming to brand expression. The Strategy Team is focused on creating value for clients, making their brand work from conception to implementation.

Where is the Saffron HQ?

At Saffron we operate as one global office. Our biggest teams are in Madrid and London but we also currently have locations in Vienna and Istanbul. Unlike other brand consultancies, at Saffron your location does not define you. A Saffronite first and foremost works on projects across the globe, according to their field of expertise and experience.

Can I freelance with you?

We work with all sorts of great freelancers. So, yes, that’s an option, and we look forward to hearing from you. We can’t reply to everyone but if we see a potential fit we will reach out.

Do I need a university degree to work at Saffron?

At Saffron we hire based on talent, experience and fit. Saffronites come from all walks of life and we value unique and interesting perspectives. Whilst intelligence and hard work are essential, a university degree is not.

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