Modern is an iconic Indian brand that pioneered the concept of bread; it literally created the bread category in India. Launched in 1965 as Modern Bakeries (India) Limited, at one stage it held 40% market share of the Indian bread market.

In 2016, Everstone Capital acquired Modern. They were convinced that the latent brand equity was significantly larger than its current business. As a first step in crafting a future-ready brand, the team at Everstone brought Saffron on board to help re-define the brand DNA and bring it to life for a modern audience through a relevant and authentic visual identity.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Visual Identity

Modern thrives

Modern exists to help people thrive by embracing change and savouring the possibilities in the everyday moments of life. Through the most nutritious and versatile foods Modern is there to nourish this shared ambition to thriveNo matter when or where you want it, whether you like it soft or crusty, sweet or savoury, bland or spicy, healthy or wholesome, Modern has an instant, tasty bite full of energy for you.

A system for multiple product lines

With the brand purpose in mind and a personality identified as nurturing, versatile, positively energetic, smart and progressive, Saffron developed Modern’s new visual expression. Stemming from the original packaging pattern of sprinkles, we evolved it into a rich packaging system. The system is able to represent the particular traits of breads, rusks, muffins and festive cakes already in the range. It’s adaptable enough to allow for other foods that will be added in the future.


Following the rejuvenation of their brand, Modern Foods was successfully sold to Grupo Bimbo in 2021.

“We had a phenomenal experience rejuvenating the legacy brand of Modern and bringing it to the dining table of consumers again. Modern has unlocked its potential through its portfolio expansion and wider reach thereby exhibiting tremendous growth”

Roshini Bakshi, Managing Director at Everstone Capital

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