Persistent Systems is a technology company that offers software product engineering and digital transformation for clients. Persistent has remained at the forefront of innovation and expanded globally to be a publicly traded company, with offices from the US to India.

With a new CEO and impressive growth targets, the company wanted to differentiate itself from the competition and tell the full story of their offering beyond software. They partnered with Saffron to develop a brand which reflects their focus on impacting clients’ performance.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Verbal Identity
  • Naming
  • Tagline
  • Brand Design
  • Digital Design
  • Visual Identity
  • User Experience
  • Experience Brand Modelling
  • Internal Brand Engagement
“The Saffron team played a pivotal role in helping us evolve and modernize the Persistent brand – including new employee values, brand idea, logo and design system. Importantly, they did this with a deep focus on making sure our nearly 30-year legacy came to the forefront of the work and our international focus was clear”.

Keith Landis, Chief Marketing Officer

Immersing in their world

To help Persistent transform, we dove deep into their world. We visited their offices in Pune, India, and conducted interviews with C-Level executives and division heads. We participated in the shareholders’ annual meeting and spoke to clients to better understand how the outside world sees the company.

One step ahead

It was clear that Persistent’s team is focused on helping clients turn their digital challenges into business success. Their technical expertise and industry experience allows them to think ahead and anticipate what’s next, giving their clients a crucial competitive edge.

The brand idea ‘See Beyond, Rise Above’, channels this spirit, and was honed during a working session in London with Persistent’s executive committee. The tagline became the same message, to serve as a commitment to bringing the brand to life.

Restructured for growth

An analysis of Persistent’s brand and product portfolio highlighted some missed opportunities to gain awareness of the Persistent brand. We reorganised the brand architecture to give Persistent greater visibility and ensure enough flexibility for potential expansion of the portfolio. We also devised a transition period to enable them to transition seamlessly to the new architecture.

Creating seamless experiences

To equip Persistent to deliver on their brand promise, we conducted a two-day experience workshop in London with key team members from HR, Marketing and Sales. The aim was to align employees with customers’ pain points, and we identified opportunities to leverage the brand to create enhanced experiences.

Bringing the teams on board

Persistent wanted to ensure the employees felt part of the journey. We held sessions with the project leaders to brainstorm the best way to roll out the brand internally. We supported them with expertise on creating engaging, interactive activities that would make the brand real for employees.

Evolving the identity for a new reality

The brand identity is an evolution that helps Persistent reposition themselves for their next steps. In line with the strategic positioning, and designed to support their global presence across key markets in the US and India, the visual identity had to be simple to use for teams and uncluttered. We delivered guidelines that would immediately be tools for employees – not just designers – showing them how to bring the identity to life through their work.

Persistent launched the new brand in November 2019 to over 10,000 employees in India and the US. United around a new brand, the company is primed to transform in line with their business’ goals.

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