Repsol approached us to improve their employee experience and ensure their brand comes to life across the employee journey. Using service design and sprint methodologies, we ensured the tangibility and relevance of the project to Repsol’s 24,000 employees.

Repsol and Saffron’s work on the employee experience has quickly become a point of reference, both within and outside its sector.


  • Internal Brand Engagement
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • User Experience
  • Experience Brand Modelling
  • Cultural Identity

People as Repsol’s
competitive advantage

There is one element competitors cannot replicate, and it is People. In a highly commoditized industry, organisations stand out and remain competitive by having the right people to make their brand promise tangible. That’s why Repsol wanted to put their brand to work, through its people and at a global scale.

It is crucial to attract and engage the best available talent, and Employee Experience is the tool to do so. It is what helps create a sustained, nurturing relationship between the employee and the employer. It is what makes an organisation a great place to work, by building an environment where people feel recognised and have access to tools and peers to help them become the best version of themselves. In essence, Employee Experience helps drive value for the company and fulfil employee aspirations, setting up both people and companies for success.

Diving into the daily
work experience

Saffron invested a great deal of time getting the flavour of the existing Repsol employee experience. The team conducted interviews with a wide range of expats and managers, spanning from junior to senior roles, which represented the great diversity of Repsol’s workforce. Saffron also got the gist of how the different processes in the journey took place.

These activities unveiled robust insights that informed the “as is” employee journey, which became our main working tool during the first part of the project. The journey described the life at Repsol of the two populations with great detail of the pain-points. But it also provided a “big picture” view of the great challenges the team needed to solve and opportunities to capture.

Defining the
ideal experience

These insights also paved the way for the “to be” employee journey. Saffron worked hand in hand with colleagues representing the areas of the business where small changes could be made to have a great positive impact on the employee experience at Repsol. After several workshops to map the ideal experience at each stage of the journey and prototyping ideas, the team was set to develop more specific tools, processes and initiatives.

Making it work

Repsol now has a clear understanding of the moments of truth and current pain points and a detailed roadmap to sustainably improve the employee experience to remain at the forefront as a top employer in a highly competitive industry.

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