The Universidad Europea has been an important reference in private university education in Spain for many years, but recent changes in the market have meant that its competitive strengths have been diluted.

The great competition between universities and the lack of awareness among users were the factors that laid the foundations for the brand strategy. The solution was to maintain the most iconic and fundamental elements of the brand (the square and the red) and to build from there a visual system that amplified the values rooted in these elements.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Identity
  • Bespoke Typography
  • Tone of voice

The challenge

The visual identity of the Universidad Europea had evolved little since its origins and relied almost exclusively on a logo and colour. The most important thing therefore was to build a powerful and flexible visual system, beyond the logo and colour, that could be adapted to a wide and complex audience.

Re-launching the brand

The original logo with its calligraphy was weighing the brand down, so it was vital to relaunch the logo into a new life. In order not to lose recognition, the red square, the union between the U and the E and the inclination in the E that was so characteristic in its original form were kept.

All core brand elements have been re-launched to build a unique, more adaptable and compelling visual language taking into account the wide variety of logos in its brand architecture and the variety of audiences.

Conquering space

The grid element becomes such a powerful vehicle that it becomes the spearhead of the whole visual identity and holds all the weight of recognition and expressiveness by itself. Within the spaces of the university where the repetitive use of the logo is no longer necessary, the grid conquers the space, taking on different forms and uses, modulating the level of visibility.

Present in the daily life of the students

Having such a versatile design tool makes it possible to create an infinite number of everyday items for students, from laptop sleeves to caps, bags, T-shirts or sanitary masks.


The new visual identity of the Universidad Europea has been relaunched towards a new, more competitive future, loaded with more powerful expressive tools that will not leave the professionals of the future indifferent.

“The new identity reflects our values and has brought coherence to the evolution of the institution”

Ines Arnal

Directora de Marketing estratégico,
universidad europea

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