Our story

Saffron was started in 2001 by Jacob Benbunan and Wally Olins with a simple but compelling vision: to build a brand consultancy as strong in its strategic thinking as it was in its creativity.

A lot has changed since those early days. Two has become nearly 70 (sadly minus Wally, who we lost in 2014). From our first offices in Madrid and London we have expanded into every continent and tackled challenges nearly unimaginable back in 2001. We have evolved, because the world has.

Strategic insight and creative flair – it’s what we consider the bedrock of effective branding. Look at the most successful brands… The most enduring… The most surprising… The most elegant… The most engaging. And you’ll see a big bold idea shining brightly and rightly through the creative expression. And as the world demands greater transparency, authenticity and clarity of purpose from its brands, distinctions between inside and outside are eroding. The brands that will remain relevant –adapting to or causing disruption in the world outside– are those that stay true to their authentic selves within. Making that truth tangible through a compelling experience is the role of brand today. For us it always has been.

Somewhere in the world, at any point of the day, Saffron is at work. An always-on world demands an always there brand consultancy. Crossing borders as well as pushing boundaries, there is no fixed centre to our world. We assemble teams from all our geographies to go where we are needed: combining on-the- ground capability with in-the-sky mobility to build globally fluent brands.

We’re never afraid of speaking our minds and challenging the status quo. Yet we also know when to listen. Understanding your world, defining the unique problem, so we can start to develop the perfect solution. Challenging ourselves as much as challenging you so we learn, grow and go extraordinary places together. It starts with the first meeting. Pens poised. Notebooks, ears, minds wide open. We look forward to it.