10 Top tips for professional services

10 Top Tips

Embarking on a branding project in a professional services firm is not for the faint hearted. Whilst many in the firm will feel passionately that ‘something is wrong’ with the current situation and advocate change, others will be much more circumspect and sceptical. In our experience, the majority of sceptics can be won over once they recognise that you aren’t proposing to spend ‘£1 million on a new logo’ but something far more fundamental; to create a powerful business development tool that will help them win more top tier clients and help the firm attract more than its fair share of the most talented recruits at all levels.

Over the course of more than 20 engagements with some of the world’s best known law firms, accountancy firms, management consultancies and engineering firms Saffron have learned a few things about the way to go about it. Here is how.

1. Start with the business case
2. Consult widely with partners and clients
3. Get leadership commitment
4. Keep the ‘corners’ on the recommendations
5. Create a team of brand advocates
6. Do a few things brilliantly well
7. Take a holistic approach
8. Use the power of symbols
9. Engage your people first
10. Measure what you can

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