2015: Looking ahead.

Ping Pong

Predicting the future is often said to be something of a fool's errand. But we bet we're not alone in thinking about how the world is changing from one year to the other and how those changes might impact our own business - and those of our clients. So we thought we'd take some of the issues that have been top of mind at Saffron lately and share them with you.

Our first Ping Pong of the year, then, peeks into the future and gathers together a few of the team's thoughts on what should ambitious brands do more of in 2015 and beyond.

Press play to hear:
Ian on why brands need to think more like startups.
Nima on the power of keeping it simple.
Emma on how pop-ups need to pop out.
Ben on making sure your brand idea travels with you.
Sahil on how competition can come from unusual places.