Celebrating #IWD2021

To celebrate #IWD2021 we bring together three women at Saffron, each leaders in their respective fields, in a round table discussion. The conversation touches upon their individual journeys to their current positions and offers advice to those wanting to enter/grow in the creative industry.

Hear from Jessica Bong (Senior Designer), Charlotte Black (Strategy Director) and Luz Erhardt (Chief Client Officer) as they reflect upon the following questions:

  • 0:24 - All: Tell us about your journey to where you are now?
  • 5:30 - All: What skills do you think have been the most important in your career?
  • 12:17 - Luz: Would you consider yourself a natural leader or was leadership something that you developed as you progressed in your career?
  • 16:18 - Jessica: It's safe to say that design is male dominated, especially at the top. What advice do you give to young designers, but especially female ones, finding their voice as they develop their career?
  • 18:13 - Charlotte: As a director, how do you encourage or support younger team members?
  • 21:28 - Luz: We know that brand consulting is demanding profession, whilst also being exciting and rewarding, how do you stay motivated and energised?