Disruptive Branding

An evening of discussion with brand leaders from YouTube and V&A

Saffron was delighted to welcome friends from YouTube and the V&A Museum to join us for a panel discussion on Disruptive Branding last night in London.

Inspired by the title of Saffron's new book, the panel discussed the meaning of the word 'disruptive' to brands today.

Sophie Brendel, Director of Audience at V&A Museum shared fascinating insights of how she and her team have used brand to ensure the V&A can expand internationally under a clear purpose and vision and put a distinctive stamp on everything they do. By using the brand definition process as an opportunity to engage staff across the organisation, teams from curation to digital experience were given the chance to unite around a single purpose. The new approach has yielded record-breaking visitor numbers.

Christopher Bettig from YouTube shared some of the challenges of designing for such a widely used platform and ensuring the experience is at once functional, consistent and aesthetically considered. 

He also reminded us that when everyone feels like they own a piece of your brand, you can't please everyone. The trick is to grow a thick skin, and focus on ensuring design is working towards the purpose of your organisation. 

Thank you to our panellists, and those who came for a very interesting evening.