How can AI benefit your brand?

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has been adopted by many marketers as a buzz word to infuse their business with a futuristic frisson. Now that an increasing number of businesses across different industries are actually starting to put AI to practical use, we think it’s important to consider how brands can benefit.

We’ve picked some of the most relevant potential scenarios in which AI could be used to enhance brand experience today.

Interactive AI

Interactive AI has become ubiquitous with chatbots popping up all over the internet and the rise of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and other “smart” personal assistants. Interactive AI is software that can interact with a customer verbally or in writing,  allowing brands to automate communication with audiences while remaining interactive.

What you should know:
- With AI technology still in its early stages (known as ‘weak’), the bots only operate effectively within specific areas like customer service or product recommendations.
- With voice-interactive AI gaining popularity brands should consider developing a voice that represents them.

Opportunities for your brand:
- Give a “real voice” to your brand using voice technology.
- Maintain a consistent tone of voice across all your communications, ensuring all content is on brand.
- The software can act as a highly knowledgeable brand representative to drive increased customer satisfaction.
- Round-the-clock customer engagements are possible, because AI doesn’t tire or need to take breaks.

Analytic AI

AI contributes to data-driven decision-making by delivering recommendations or business insights based on the analysis of dependencies and patterns in large amounts of data. Possible uses range from sentiment analysis to customer journey analytics and planning.

What you should know:
- In order to deliver results, Analytic AI requires relevant data - the more the better.
- There is a privacy concern. Even with highly secure systems, not all customers will be happy to have their data ‘mined’.

Opportunities for your brand:
- Deliver highly personalised content and conversations to engage customers.
- Provide better recommendations and customised offers that result in a more relevant and therefore engaging shopping experience.
- AI-driven recruiting systems could potentially help identify personality traits and skills that work well with your company culture, allowing you to deliver on the brand's promise to your customers.
- Create stronger brand loyalty - by better understanding your customer, you will be better able to connect with them.

Intelligent Automation

By taking action on its own recommendations, Intelligent Automation enhances the brand experience by reacting in record time. It can for example, without any human intervention, analyse your audience's behavior and draw their interest by generating and publishing engaging content with your signature brand style.

What you should know:
- Brands can maintain a human touch with intelligent automation as employees still have the capability to review and approve machine decisions before they are translated into actions.

Opportunities for your brand:
- Increase your standards of quality, efficiency, speed, and functionality.
- Create exceptional brand loyalty through not only deep understanding but ‘being there’ for your customer through immediate action.
- Tackle issues in real-time before they become customer complaints.
- Maintain consistency by minimizing fluctuation in customer expectations.

In summary, AI can enhance your customer brand experience by better understanding and predicting expectations, interacting in a more accurate and timely manner and maintaining brand standards consistency.

While we strongly believe that embracing new technologies is crucial to any business that wants to remain relevant, we also think that there are some considerations that you would want to examine to ensure that AI becomes an asset, not a hindrance to your brand. How willing are your customers to provide personal information? Would they be comfortable conversing with a machine? To what extent can you minimise the human touch without affecting your brand values and personality? What impact will AI have on your internal culture? Now might be the time to find out.

By Jo Kassis, Brand Strategist

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