The recording: The end of brand loyalty? A virtual discussion


In light of launching our latest research report  "The End of Brand Loyalty? How to make customer loyalty work for brand loyalty from East to West", Saffron hosted a virtual discussion.

Watch the recording to learn how industry leaders use brand to navigate key issues affecting customer loyalty today. Featuring international panelists from venture capital and luxury beauty.

Guest Panelists:

Adrian Pring: Strategy Director at Saffron Brand Consultants
Vincent Diallo: Managing Partner at Interlace Ventures
Tom Brown: Global Product Marketing Manager at Tom Ford Beauty

Adrian's Questions: 

  • 5:00 - One of the main findings from the research was that loyalty levels are higher in China than in the US, do you find this surprising?
  • 10:30 - Is there anything about their market structures that might be at play?
  • 13:20 - From the research, the two extremes, older and younger cohorts seem to be the most brand loyal, do you have any thoughts on why that might be the case?
  • 22:00 - Why did the brands that Chinese and US respondents were most loyal to make it to the top of the list?
  • 28:34 - In both the US and China, the main driver of brand loyalty is quality but another is experience, how important is experience?
  • 29:00 - In the US, an important driver was whether the brand helped the local economy, does that ring true?
  • 38:30 - How does brand loyalty enter into how Interlace invests in new companies?
  • 43:30 - How do you measure, grow and analyse brand loyalty at Tom Ford?
  • 46:50 - What do you think are the future drivers of brand loyalty?

Audience's Questions:

  • 51:15 - Now that we have more price transparency in general, do you see it being more difficult to drive loyalty?
  • 56:55 - What would be the panelists' views on driving brand loyalty in a country like India, where there are high levels of fragmentation?
  • 59:40 - Where does Tom Ford see its growth in the next 1-2 years? And what country does the brand fair better in, China or the US?
  • 1:01:50 - What are some loyalty reward systems that work well for FMCG?
  • 1:08:00 - How much of a threat do you think new brands are to established brands?