The recording: The future of energy brands. A virtual discussion

On Tuesday, 26th January Saffron hosted a virtual discussion on the "Future of Energy Brands". The webinar brought together energy branding experts to discuss brand's role in the sustainable energy transformation.

Watch the recording to learn how industry leaders use brand to navigate key issues affecting sustainable energy, including decarbonisation, deregulation, digitalisation and decentralisation.


  • Gabor Schreier, Chief Creative Officer at Saffron Brand Consultants
  • Dr. Fridrik Larsen, CEO at LarsEn Energy Branding
  • Joao Duarte, Head of Communications Global Infrastructure at Enel Group
  • Paddy Young, Director at Enlit



  • 07:20 - What is your view on decarbonisation?
  • 14:50 - Where is the opportunity for energy brands to use storytelling in order to connect with their audiences in a transparent way?
  • 28:05 - Why are experience and innovation critical in an increasingly competitive energy market?
  • 43:50 - What are energy companies doing well when it comes to digitalisation and what areas are still left to be explored?
  • 56:06 - Why has Covid-19 made energy companies more open?