The recording: “The future of telecom brands”

On Wednesday, 17th March Saffron hosted a virtual discussion on the "future of telecom brands". The webinar focused on the customer trends and operational challenges faced by telecommunications companies and unraveled how brand can add to the solution.


  • Sinem Yuksel, Customer Experience Director at Turkcell
  • Sandra De Zoysa, Group Chief Customer Officer at Dialog
  • Olaf Geuer, Group Head Brand Strategy & Experience at Swisscom
  • Peter Van Hende, Brand Strategy Manager at Proximus



  • 0:38 - Introductions
  • 7:40 - You are all from very different markets (Sri Lanka, Turkey, Switzerland and Belgium), so what are the biggest challenges that your company faces right now?
  • 14:20 - You mention price war with non-premium competitors, how are you communicating with your audiences so they do not switch?
  • 18:45 - What is your experience with retail, is this still relevant, and how so?
  • 24:56 - How do you find the balance between using data for personalisation and upholding customers' privacy?
  • 30:50 - In terms of entertainment, how do you position your entertainment brand in the world of Netflix and large global competitors?
  • 43:08 - Corporate citizenship, how is it important to your brand?
  • 43:95 - Telecoms tend to be large organisations, how do you ensure your employees feel connected to the brand and stay engaged?
  • 56:20 - What does a coherent brand experience mean to you?