Tourism Disrupted: A Virtual Discussion

In light of launching our CBB2020 report, we invited 3 city and country leaders to discuss building a city tourism brand in the next normal.

Guest Panelists:

Ben Knapp: Head of Place Branding at Saffron Brand Consultants
Blanca Pérez-Sauquillo: Global Marketing Manager for Spain
Lukas Merl: Director of Brand Management and Marketing for Vienna
Martine Ainsworth-Wells: Former London & Partners Marketing Director


00:55 Introductions
4:25 - Managing the interconnection of city and country brands (Spain)
6:25 - Defining a common message which resonates with multiple and diverse audiences (London)
8:40 - Modernising a city brand whilst maintaining it's past glory (Vienna)
12:30 - Maintaining visitor expectations whilst providing new and exciting experiences
17:37 - What is more important for a city brand, the assets or buzz?
21:30 - As a place brand manager, how important is the ability to influence policy makers?
24:44 - The concentration and importance of place making
27:40 - Different models of place brand marketing structure
30:02 - How to tackle the issue of over-tourism
37:53 - Looking to the "next normal"
47:20 - Q&A

Download the Q&A responses from our panelists.

Download the full report of CBB 2020.