Announced: Saffron City Brand Barometer 2020 results

28 Sep 2020

Today we reveal the Saffron City Brand Barometer 2020.  Discover which city has the strongest tourism brand in the world.

Cities compete to attract visitors on a global stage. In spite of travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, public interest in leisure and business tourism remains strong. Lockdown in most countries around the world has meant that competition for tourists in the coming months will grow even more fierce. To compete effectively, cities must now build and manage their brand in the same way that commercial companies would.

Which cities are doing this most successfully? Who has the best reputation in Europe? Which global cities are underperforming, and who are the leaders of tomorrow?

Download the full report to find out.

Whilst developing place brands for cities and countries all over the world (e.g. London, Vienna, Poland & Turkey), we have seen first-hand the value that a strong brand can have when attracting tourists. We developed the 2020 edition of the Saffron City Brand Barometer in order to explore what creates a strong city brand and to highlight the importance of brand in promoting tourism.
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