Brand at Work in Istanbul: Employer Brand

22 Mar 2019

Brand At Work invites business leaders to meet with Saffron’s consultants to explore how brand can be put to work for their organisations.

To kick off, Saffron Istanbul is inviting leaders of human resources, brand and people departments to join our CEO Jacob Benbunan and CSO Fernando Ortiz-Ehmann to discuss the importance of employer brand.

Employer Brand

A new breed of employee is here. And they are changing the world of work.

Millennials and Generation Z will be the majority of your workforce over the next decade. They expect more from their jobs, seeking companies that can offer purpose, not just a paycheck.

Companies need leaders in their human resources teams to navigate this transformation. You must understand how to attract and motivate the brightest minds.

Read Saffron's point of view on employer branding for a taster on the topic.

Let’s make brand work together.

When and where?
April 16th 2019
At 9:30
Kolektif House, Levent, Istanbul
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