Celebrating Wally

14 Apr 2016

Today marks two years since the death of our beloved Wally.

Wally left at age 83, leaving behind an impressive legacy of knowledge that would set the foundations of this profession that today we feel so passionate about.

For all of us working with and aspiring to understand brands, Wally was a teacher, a guide and an inspiration. Talking about branding means talking about Wally Olins. His influence on corporate identity is greater than many might think.

Throughout his life, he had been keen on making companies understand how the personality of an organisation can be translated into a brand identity that has the power to transform products, behaviours, environments and the world's perception about it.

What we may assume as obvious today, is mostly thanks to the conviction, tenacity and determination of a visionary like Wally. Anyone who works at creating brands, has a debt of gratitude to Wally, as someone who understood the power of brand, laid down the foundations of a whole industry, and inspired us to take his ideas further and build the brands of tomorrow.

Thank you, Wally