Disruptors and Disrupted

29 Sep 2015

You surely know the Brand New Conference, the global event organised by UnderConsideration where la crème de la crème of our industry meets to talk about and listen to the practice of corporate and brand identity. This year Saffron was invited to take part in this major event and Gabor Schreier, our Executive Creative Director, thought it would be relevant to share Saffron’s views on disruption and branding. Or to be more exact, about how both disruption and brands, be these disruptors or disrupted, are all about relevance.

What we think about Gabor’s talk isn’t relevant right now. What the audience thought about it at the time is. So, if you are curious enough, you can see below some comments we received - and must say we are very happy about. And if you wish to listen a bit more about his talk: 2015 Brand New Conference Preview.

Caricature by graphéine