Giving Life To Lyntia, The Fibre Champion

24 Oct 2018

Saffron has been working with fibre optic industry leader Ufinet to create a new name, brand strategy and visual identity for its new venture in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of Lyntia.

Our main objective was to give Lyntia an attractive, human spirit that will engage its B2B clients as well as its employees. The ambitions of a new market entrant needed to be combined with the heritage of a market leader. Relevance to a new customer group, authenticity to an established culture and differentiation in a crowded market had to be ensured. Finally, a deep exploration of Lyntia’s solutions and overall experience was necessary in order to understand the crucial role it plays in the business strategy of clients in EMEA.

The result is a brand that rises above simply providing infrastructure, focusing instead on maximising the benefits of technology to businesses through forward-thinking solutions that positively impact on client profit.

We believe Lyntia will find equal success to that of its parent brand Ufinet and look forward to seeing go from strength to strength in a highly competitive marketplace.