How to brand a place: Saffron in Creative Review

20 Nov 2018

Saffron spoke to Creative Review about Place branding for their November issue, which was all about Places.

Saffron's team has extensive experience working on brand strategies and visual identities for well-known places, from nations to cities to institutions. Chief Growth Officer Ben Knapp has worked on place brand projects for the likes of London, Vienna and Poland shared his insights on why this is such an important opportunity for governments. "Commercial brands are having to be over-more creative in getting people's attention, and the same is true for nations." A combination of cheap travel and technological advances mean people have the option to travel and live abroad more than ever, meaning competition is greater for places that before couldn't compete with the best-known places.

This requires a strategic approach to brand building, and a fresh look at visual identities, as explained in the article by Chief Creative Officer Gabor Schreier. From his experience designing identities for countries like Turkey and Trinidad & Tobago Schreier knows that any identity "has to have an element of modernity in there... otherwise it just becomes a historical thing." Maintaining relevance in a global race to attract visitors and residents is a real challenge, but one that Saffron knows can be an opportunity too.

To read the full article, pick up a copy of Creative Review's Place issue here.

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