HyperloopTT launches a new global brand

17 Dec 2019

Congratulations to HyperloopTT, who have unveiled their new global brand today in Cleveland, Ohio, the site of the first planned system for the USA.

Saffron collaborated with HyperloopTT to evolve their new global brand, which will play a vital role in shaping public understanding of the pioneering transport system, whilst reflecting the credibility of the technology and the team building it.

The company is now entering a crucial phase of growth, supported by agreements with some of the world’s leading economies to build systems for both passenger and commercial transport.

The new brand identity will be live across the world, from the company’s Innovation Centres in Toulouse and Los Angeles, to the capsules and transportation systems being developed from the US to China.

We look forward to watching HyperloopTT revolutionise travel, and are honoured to be a part of the project.