Internet of Things & Personal Connected Objects

19 Mar 2014

The Innovation Consultancy Nurun hosted this workshop at the BBVA Innovation Center in Madrid. Aimed at innovation executives and any other business changemakers, the session should demonstrate the vast potential of upcoming digital developments on business transformation.

The digital world is already extending beyond connecting people and software. The objects around us are starting to interconnect and Nest (the intelligent thermostat recently acquired by Google), Fitbit (the data gathering bracelet) and the famous Google Glass, are a proof of this imminent reality.

Will human interaction cease to matter? No, on the contrary, the more we advance in technology, the more we should study anthropology. We need to understand the impact we can have on human behavior.

The highlight of this greatly insightful workshop was definitely trying out Google Glass! Thanks to Nurun we got a glimpse into a future that’s not so far away; or is it actually the present already?