Saffron invited to participate in ‘The Wish List’ project

22 Jul 2016

Saffron has been invited to participate in The Wish List, a project by the American Hardwood Export Council in collaboration with the IE School of Architecture & Design and the Hay Festival, that brings together a stellar list of architects and designers to create a compelling wooden object for a relevant inspiring person.

More specifically, it was our CEO, Jacob Benbunan, who was commissioned to create a wooden “object of desire” along with Juan Luis Arsuaga, one of Spain’s most respected paleontologists.

As the brief, all participants had to respond to the question: 'what object have you always wanted but never been able to find?'

For Arsuaga, the answer to this was a space he could live in regardless of the environment - a cabin with all the necessary elements to work or rest despite the weather.

The goal of “The Wish List” is to exhibit the final objects in the Hay Festival, a prestigious international festival of ideas, visual arts, and literature whose 11th edition will take place in Segovia between 22–25 September 2016.