Saffron mentors start-ups at the EIT Food Accelerator Network

27 Aug 2019

EIT Food is the EU's designated body to transform the food system to be better for people's health and the environment.

They have created a Food Accelerator Network, which selects promising start-ups working in agri-food to develop innovative businesses in the agri-food space.

Saffron has been invited to be the branding mentor in their Accelerator Network. Strategist Amanda Calvo is off to Bilbao in September to run a day of workshops with the 10 businesses in the programme, whose expertise range from aquaponic technology to 3D meat printing.

We're looking forward to meeting the CEOs and having a chance to help them craft brands that can drive their businesses forwards and help them change the way we grow or consume food for the better.

You can find more information on EIT Food here.