Saffron rode for mental health organization, Mind

10 Sep 2020


The ride went as planned, a couple of flat tires here or there but our Saffronites made it to Brighton! To date, they have raised £895 for Mind but there is still time to donate, here.

This weekend, 5 of our London-based Saffronites were scheduled to take part in the classic London to Brighton bike ride to raise money for the mental health organization, Mind. Unfortunately, as with many charity events this year, the ride was cancelled due to the safety concerns surrounding COVID-19.

However, to do our part and show support for Mind and mental health in general, we've decided to ride the route but solely as the Saffron team.

Why? With COVID-19 keeping people socially distant, mental health is vital. Furthermore, with an economic downturn in sight, charitable donations are hard to come by.

We will be riding from London to Brighton on September 26th.

We would be so grateful if you could show your support and DONATE NOW.

About Mind

For over 60 years, Mind has worked to better the lives of all people with mental health problems. With locations all over the UK, their range of services include supported housing, crisis helplines, drop-centres, employment aid and counselling. Their mission is to ultimately empower those suffering from symptoms associated with their mental health.