Saffron speaks at Garanti Bank’s conference

12 Nov 2013

Isabela Chick, Senior Strategist at Saffron, spoke about the importance of place branding at Garanti Bank's conference in Eskişehir.

The conference, part of the Anatolian chats series, focused on the future of the city, exploring how place branding, urban planning and even the aviation industry could help stimulate the next phase of growth in this dynamic city. This was put into the macro-economic context of the city and of Turkey as a whole.

Isabela spoke about the commercial imperative of developing a strong place brand in a globalised economy and the importance of finding a point of difference, to gain a competitive advantage in a global market. She discussed the assets that Eskişehir could leverage, and the importance of creating an authentic idea from these.

She showed how this could stimulate inbound foreign direct investment, as well as how it could give meaning to 'made in Eskişehir'.

At Saffron, we believe that place branding is ever more critical. The more the world homogenises and globalises, the greater the need for heterogeneity and individuality – developing a strong place brand is the ultimate expression of a city's uniqueness.