Saffron speaks in Lima

12 Nov 2013

Today, 14th November, Saffron’s Chairman, Wally Olins, and Designer, Ritxi Ostariz, will both speak at a Branding and Brand Design Seminar held at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) Business School in Lima, Peru.

The seminar will revolve around the topic of ‘creating brands to believe in’, predominantly looking at three key areas: how to build relevant brands, how to create a genuine brand experience and what’s ahead in branding. Wally will discuss The Future of Branding, while Ritxi will talk about the Saffron approach – the importance of combining the clarity of rigorous thinking and the courage of bold ideas – to transform brands and businesses.

Guillermo Quiroga, Director of EPC at UPC, will open the seminar. Followed by Julio Luque, Chairman of Infinito, discussing Building Relevant Brands and Armit Vit, Co-Founder of UnderConsideration, talking about The Edges and Extremes of Branding.