Saffron & YouTube at CXi18

22 Jun 2018

Last week, our CCO Gabor and CD Matt took to the stage with the CD of YouTube Chris Bettig in Bielefeld, Germany as a part of the CXI18 conference. They appeared as part of a lineup that included speakers from Dalton Maag, the BBC, Lufthansa Design, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn. In the closing talk of the conference, Gabor, Matt and Chris took to the stage in front of attendees from the world of brand to present the story of Saffron and Youtube's two year working relationship.

Chris first took the room on a quick trip down memory lane, recapping YouTube's journey from its creation in 2005 to becoming the world's biggest video streaming platform, with one billion hours of video watched on the platform each and every day. He then talked about YouTube's motivations for starting "Project Ringo” (the working title of their project with Saffron). These included a need to better articulate what YouTube stood for, as well as defining and managing the brand's architecture as it grew.

Gabor explained how Saffron collaborated with Chris’s team at YouTube in a co-creative process to help define the brand's strategic thinking. The thinking was directed by the fact that, at it’s core, YouTube could not be classified as a company or a conventional organisation as it was something that "belonged to the world". Instead, the strategy was build around the idea of YouTube as a destination: a place where the world can connect, create and share. Matt then spoke about the design process in the project and how the strategy and architecture could be expressed visually across all of YouTube's touch-points and services. This ranged from the ‘simplest’ of exercises of adjusting the play button to defining a visual language that could thrive wherever it was applied.

Gabor, Matt and Chris then shared their three key learnings from the two year journey. Firstly, that in a world of noise and and short attention spans, logos and business cards still matter. Secondly, that social context shapes the way a brand is perceived and understood. And, finally, that design is only the beginning of a brand's identity,

Thanks to CXi18 for inviting us to participate in such a fantastic event and to all of the other speakers who shared their thoughts. CX18 with YouTube was our third time presenting at CXi - in 2009 we appeared with Carlos Munoz from Vueling, and in 2014 we appeared alongside Tanja Sourek from A1 Telekom Austria - and we hope to be back again very soon.