The Future of Retail

31 Mar 2014

Last week Saffron strategist Andra Oprisan was in France to host L*unchBox, an innovation workshop, at École des Mines de Saint-Etienne. The not-for-profit initiative, devised in association with Brunel University, brings together Master’s Level Postgraduates and Final Year Undergraduates from different cultures and disciples – as diverse as branding and engineering – through design-led, experiential learning workshops.

L*unchBox currently connects directly with Universities in the UK, France, Italy and the USA, drawing in students from around the world. It is beginning to act as a research platform for postdoctoral research within the wider education community.

This year's chosen topic was "The Future of Retail" and the multi-disciplinary teams worked together to imagine and develop new concepts for retail environments and experiences. Andra very much enjoyed the day - and looks forward to hosting more L*nchBox workshops in the future.