Tiger undergoes rebrand with the help of Saffron

16 Aug 2016

We’re happy to announce that we’ve helped Tiger, the quirky design store from Denmark that’s growing across the world, to rebrand. That process has also seen them adopt a new brand architecture that will unify all their stores and products under one name: Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

Tiger started life as a small market stall in Copenhagen selling umbrellas (and then sunglasses – umbrellas didn’t sell so well in the summer). It grew fast – very fast, as shoppers took to their unique formula of quirky and affordable products with a Scandi design ethos.

A change in ownership combined with massive global expansion plans led to a need to distil some of the magic that had made the store so successful. We worked closely with the new team, some of the old team, and some of the founding family to create a Tiger brand very much rooted in their unique DNA – but more expressive of what makes their stores and products unlike any other.

Watch this space for more – we’ll have a full case study soon.