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Saffron was born because Jacob Benbunan wanted to build a brand consultancy as adept at strategy as creativity. He was soon joined by an ex-colleague Wally Olins, the man who invented brand strategy. That was in 2001. A lot has changed since then.

Two have become more than 85 (sadly minus Wally, who we lost in 2014). From our first offices in Madrid we have expanded across the world, and have applied our strategic insight and creative flair to challenges nearly unimaginable back in 2001.

Wally Olins

Wally was recognised as instrumental in creating the discipline and industry of branding. Well before the term ‘brand’ became widely used, he argued that branding was a strategic exercise – one that informs and influences everything a company does. His approach helped define the way brands have transformed businesses over the past 60 years and, with them, the world around us. He helped to build Saffron, and his approach to branding lives on in our work today.

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