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In this podcast we will share the most important insights that we have gathered from several decades of working closely with some of the world’s most disruptive brands.

We will show how every business, start-up to enterprise, can design its brand using disruptive thought and action. From how-to sessions with members of our executive team, to conversations with our clients, learn first hand how to position your brand to compete with disruptive challengers – and to challenge and disrupt yourself.

Episode 1


What change means for brands
Apple and Netflix are among the world’s most successful brands. How did they get there? Jacob Benbunan, Gabor Schreier and Benjamin Knapp, authors of the book Disruptive Branding, talk about creative innovation and how crucial it is for brands to have a disruptive mindset. The key is to become the disruptor rather than the disrupted, especially in these times of change.

With Jacob Benbunan (CEO), Ben Knapp (CGO), Gabor Schreier (CCO) & Claire Huxley (Strategist).


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Episode 2


Define what drives your organisation
In today’s competitive times it is no longer enough to have an incredible service or product. In order to differentiate themselves, brands need to go further. In this episode, Fernando Ortiz-Ehmann, Chief Strategy Officer at Saffron, explains the importance of brand strategy as the guiding light of an organization.

With Fernando Ortiz-Ehmann (CSO) & Stephanie Down (Senior Programme Manager).


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Episode 3


Bring your idea alive through design
We can all picture the iconic logos of brands Apple, Nike or Coca-Cola. But brand design goes beyond logos and colour schemes. Gabor Schreier, Chief Creative Officer at Saffron, explains how design brings brand strategy to life, making it visible for both internal and external stakeholders. But when it comes to a design project, what are the different phases and challenges to consider?

With Gabor Schreier (CCO) & Jessica Bong (Senior Designer).


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Episode 4


Engage your employees
For a company to maintain a strong brand and reach full potential, the brand must be lived internally. Luz Erhardt, Chief Client Officer at Saffron, gives insight into how to engage the workforce in an effective way. Post pandemic, the need for a strong Employee Value Proposition is ever more important and motivating employees and creating a sense of brand ownership may seem a more complex task. Luz draws on her years of experience to give key actionable tips on how to achieve this.

With Luz Erhardt (CCO) & Jorge Müller (Strategist).


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Episode 5


Shape the brand experience
At Saffron we say that “brand is the promise of an experience – delivered”. In this episode, Ben Knapp, Chief Growth Officer at Saffron, explains how companies should deliver on this promise by shaping the way that audiences experience the brand. Once a promise is established, what assets, touchpoints and moments should you focus on when it comes to enhancing brand experience?

With Ben Knapp (CGO) & Zahra Subjally (Marketing manager).


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Book Review


21 Letters on Life and its Challenges – [Book Review]
In this episode, Saffron’s CEO Jacob and Chief Strategy Officer Fernando tell us why they recommend adding “21 Letters on Life and its Challenges” to your summer reading list. One of the giants of contemporary thought, Handy uses the format of letters to his grandchildren to cover a range of topics from finding purpose in life to coping with our ever changing world. It’s a heartwarming and optimistic read filled with both inspiring and practical advice.
Book available here.

With Jacob Benbunan (CEO) & With Fernando Ortiz-Ehmann (CSO).


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The future of mobility. Using brand to drive the future of mobility within cities.

The way that people get around cities is changing dramatically. From the emergence of new forms of transport to the rise of shared vehicles, the mobility sector has reached an exciting moment of disruption. Learn first hand from leaders in this sector, how to leverage brand to navigate the changing mobility landscape. 

With Natalia Ruda (Head of Brand, Cabify), Haya Verwoord Douidri (VP EMEA, Superpedestrian), Nikita Shipov (Head of Brand and Creative, Citymobil), Antoine Kassis (Co-founder and CEO, Kurrant Consulting) & Gabor Schreier (CCO, Saffron Brand Consultants).


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Episode 6


Develop on-brand products and services
There is no product without brand and there is no brand without product. So how can you navigate this apparent dilemma? Hear from our Chief Growth Officer Ben Knapp about the relationship between product and brand and how to ensure they effectively reinforce each other. Gain insights from his experience and learn how brands can design products and services equipped for the present and the future. So why is it so important to be authentic, relevant and differentiating?

With Ben Knapp (CGO) & Carolina Aishemberg (Senior Programme Manager).


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Episode 7


Disrupt through great service
In an increasingly globalized and digitalized world, consumers are bombarded by choice. Where once price was all important, in most industries this factor is no longer sufficient for brands to differentiate from their competitors. So, where can you find that key competitive edge? The answer is customer service. With everything from process to communication, Alfredo Fraile, Chief New Business Development Officer at Saffron, gives actionable tips on how to build customer loyalty through excellent service.

With Alfredo Fraile (Chief New Business Development Officer) & Daniel Hurst (Digital Designer).


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Post Covid-19: What brands need to do next
Fernando Ortiz, our Chief Strategy Officer, and Ben Knapp, our Chief Growth Officer, give actionable tips on how to leverage brand to reach your business goals – post-pandemic and beyond.

With Fernando Ortiz (Chief Strategy Officer), Ben Knapp (Chief Growth Officer) & Zahra Subjally (Marketing Manager).


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In Conversation with Ria Money Transfer
Saffron worked with Ria Money Transfer in the development of their new brand identity. After the launch of the brand in July 2020, we caught up with Aura Martinez Schifflers (Director of Global Communication & PR at Ria) to take a closer look at the project overall and ask her how the new brand is impacting the organisation as a whole.


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In Conversation with ie University
With an increased blurring of  boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, interior spaces must adapt to new needs. In this podcast, we welcome two impressive guests – Elvira Muñoz Beraza, Director of the Master in Strategic Interior Design at ie University and Jacob Benbunan, CEO and Co-founder of Saffron Brand Consultants.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, Elvira and Jacob aim to teach the next generation of designers how to face this new reality of branded environments.


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