Welcome to our podcast: Disruptive Branding

In this podcast we will share the most important insights that we have gathered from several decades of working closely with some of the world’s most disruptive brands.

We will show how every business, start-up to enterprise, can design its brand using disruptive thought and action. From how-to sessions with members of our executive team, to conversations with our clients, learn first hand how to position your brand to compete with disruptive challengers – and to challenge and disrupt yourself.

Episode 1


What change means for brands
Apple and Netflix are among the world’s most successful brands. How did they get there? Jacob Benbunan, Gabor Schreier and Benjamin Knapp, authors of the book Disruptive Branding, talk about creative innovation and how crucial it is for brands to have a disruptive mindset. The key is to become the disruptor rather than the disrupted, especially in these times of change.

With Jacob Benbunan (CEO), Ben Knapp (CGO), Gabor Schreier (CCO) & Claire Huxley (Strategist).


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Episode 2


Define what drives your organisation
In today’s competitive times it is no longer enough to have an incredible service or product. In order to differentiate themselves, brands need to go further. In this episode, Fernando Ortiz-Ehmann, Chief Strategy Officer at Saffron, explains the importance of brand strategy as the guiding light of an organization.

With Fernando Ortiz-Ehmann (CSO) & Stephanie Down (Senior Programme Manager).


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Episode 3


Bring your idea alive through design
We can all picture the iconic logos of brands Apple, Nike or Coca-Cola. But brand design goes beyond logos and colour schemes. Gabor Schreier, Chief Creative Officer at Saffron, explains how design brings brand strategy to life, making it visible for both internal and external stakeholders. But when it comes to a design project, what are the different phases and challenges to consider?

With Gabor Schreier (CCO) & Jessica Bong (Senior Designer).


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