Helping people understand technology

Helping people understand technology

A fast-growing and prolific team

Ten years ago, a small group of engineering students started a small business making customised USBs. Since then, their ambitious ideas have kept flowing, and, today, BQ is a consolidated company of around 1,000 employees. Besides the original USBs, they now design and manufacture e-readers, latest generation smartphones, 3D printers, toy robots and much more.

We also discovered that BQ has an educational side. They have a mission to make technology accessible to all, not only in terms of price but, more importantly, by providing the necessary tools to help people engage with it.

Defining the ambition

From the start, we recognised that this was a team with strong beliefs and an honest, aspirational and inspirational spirit. They told us, “Technology is the engine that helps us make possible what seemed impossible; it breaks barriers and speaks a universal language that will make us free; it is the key to change the world for the better.”

Our role was clear: build a strong and differentiating brand that could grow with this ever-evolving business and take it forward.

Based on the company’s inherent DNA, we defined BQ’s brand purpose: ‘To help people understand technology, encourage them to use it and inspire them to develop it.’ And, to help articulate this purpose in design and communication, we spelled out the key values of the brand: Honest, Challenging, Dynamic, Reliable and Didactic.

Powering-up the brand

With a vivid picture of the brand in our minds, we were inspired to create an active and interactive visual identity. It begins with a digital fingerprint. This symbol is the ‘on’ button that ignites the creation process, generating an array of colourful and dynamic identity elements.

A window of potential

‘If you can think of it, you can make it’ is one of BQ’s key brand messages. To support this idea, we positioned the identity symbol on a white canvas. Within this space, we visualise the possibilities BQs technological devices and services offer. The drawn conceptual images playfully interact with real products.

The brand speaks – the brand inspires

In essence, BQ’s brand purpose is to inspire – to encourage people to interact with technology. To this end, written messaging is a vital brand tool – bringing the brand to life and reflecting the ingenuity and creativity of users. Advertising leads with simple, positive headlines like ‘Shape your imagination’ or ‘Make what you dream.’

The creative touch

From the core symbol flows abstract, multicoloured strokes, representing the human creativity interacting with technology – illustrating the process of making ideas tangible.

One consistent brand experience

The brand comes through vividly in every physical and digital manifestation. And this happens, not only in a visual sense, but, more importantly, in how the each of the elements is conceived – how they work and how they live out their role.

The user takes centre stage

The brand’s retail spaces are the white canvas concept in three-dimensional form – a place where ideas start to take shape in the real world. But what would users expect and demand from the spaces? Based on results of target-customer interviews, we defined the true purpose of the retail environment – its functions, the activities and interactions.

The solution was a space that worked like a theatre, with three defined zones: an entrance lobby, a central arena for conferences and training, and outer areas where staff perform ‘backstage’ activities. On top of this, a rich layer of theatrical technology helps to prompt interactivity between the space and the user.