Taking Turkey's No. 1 pay-TV brand into the next decade

Taking Turkey's No. 1 pay-TV brand into the next decade

A premium challenge

Digiturk is not only Turkey’s No.1 pay-TV brand, it keeps Turks across the world connected to the best in entertainment. It offers over 200 channels to subscribers and produces the content for many of these itself. Increasingly, however, it was finding itself in competition with high quality free-to-air TV in Turkey and across the EU. It had traditionally relied on football and movie rights to justify its price premium– as these rights became increasingly expensive and sought after by other broadcasters, Digiturk needed a compelling answer to the question – ‘Why pay for TV when I can get it for free?’

Discovering Digiland

Our advice to Digiturk was to focus on what they’re best at: a guaranteed good time. A promise that’s easy to make, but it’s hard to find a group of people that is as enthusiastic about keeping it as Digiturk’s team. 

Together with them, the brand we developed centred around what we call Digiland. Ask yourself: how long does it take your regular TV to make you smile, frown, laugh or cry? How often does it happen at all? Digiturk is all about creating those reactions. About entertaining you in the way you choose. Making you think, making your jaw drop, whisking you away to this incredible place known as Digiland. A place where there are no bored kids and where rainy Sundays provide a perfect excuse to stay in. Crucially, this idea embraced the multiple screens that Digiturk will increasingly find itself providing entertainment on – Digiland can come alive on any device.

Our visual solution brought the idea to life using rings alive with the emotions of the viewer, forming a flexible identity that is as varied as Digiturk’s programming. The visual language was applied across a range of applications, from communications through to TV and iOS/tablet devices.

Nation building

Digiturk launched its new identity in March 2011 to incredibly positive reactions from the press and subscribers. It has re-affirmed its position as the premier source for entertainment; whether on your mobile phone, your computer or your TV.