Subscription snacks - with a difference

Subscription snacks - with a difference

Disrupting the market

We were approached in July 2014 with an idea for a startup: a subscription commerce business that would bring together food, art and music, and disrupt an industry dominated by companies like Graze. One of the founders, Oliver Pugh, came to us with a business plan and a strong belief that a powerful brand would be essential if the new venture was to gain traction, especially against already established competition. Saffron agreed to help build and launch the brand in exchange for an amount of equity – a true partnership that we expect to see grow over the long term.


The driving concept behind what would become EarlyBird was to deliver healthy, tasty snacks through the letterbox – but with an added twist. Each box would also contain new and emerging musical and artistic treats, creating a sense of discovery and excitement with each box.

We created a brand idea – Tastemakers – that spoke to every aspect of Earlybird’s unique offer. A tagline Eat Well, Play More. captures the proposition and expresses it in a manner true to EarlyBird’s fun, playful personality.
The name itself hints at early access to new art and music – and novel, artisanal treats.

The visual identity expresses the food, art and music nature of the offer by dividing space into three sections – one for each tidbit that EarlyBird delivers. The logo contains a hidden bird between the R and the D, a playful way of bringing the name to life. And the expressive, dynamic colours help the new brand really stand out and sing – a welcome break from the monotone nature of the competition.

Hungry for more

EarlyBird launched in Summer 2014, and a few weeks later hit its Crowdcube funding campaign target of £75,000. Onwards and upwards - we’re looking forward to a long and tasty partnership as the business grows.