Back to basics

Back to basics

Basic banking

In the midst of the economic crisis sweeping Europe, NovaCaixaGalicia, the fourth largest savings bank in Spain, wanted to prove that banks can put their customers first by placing their interests right into its business model. Evo offers one single product, which integrates a traditional savings account with a current account that dynamically feed one another to deliver the greatest possible return to the account holder. A straightforward approach that helps you save without you even noticing – an evolved banking model for a new context.

Simplicity by design

Saffron developed this new brand from scratch, including the strategy, naming and visual expression. The name - 'evolution' in short - sets the bank apart and conveys the step forward that it represents in the banking world. The creative concept responds to the same evolving spirit of the business model; it is essential, smart and unconventionally classic, with no frills or fancy promises. Evo’s identity is based on an iconic symbol that alludes to its offer – two accounts in one – with a minimal yet sophisticated colour palette that avoids superfluous extravagance.


Since launch Evo has opened more than 30 offices across Spain and they continue to grow successfully. They’re easy to spot - they look totally different to any other bank.