Shaping a new future for technology

Shaping a new future for technology

Carving out space

Fujitsu is one of the world’s largest ICT companies. At home in Japan, it tended to find the world outside of its home territory to be less familiar ground. In 2010, the need for it to differentiate itself from its main competitors was growing – companies like HP and IBM had invested heavily in their brand and increasingly, Fujitsu were coming up against the likes of Google and Amazon, some of the world’s most powerful brands. Saffron were appointed the same year.

Authentically Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s ethos was captured in the core idea of ‘shaping tomorrow, with you’, illustrating how Fujitsu never dictates but works with its customers so that they can discover together how to deal with the issues that will arise over the next few years. While some companies claim to know the future, Fujitsu is, like many Japanese companies, far more modest and their claim rings very true to those who know the company well – both internally and externally.

Working as one

Building on the findings from the brand audit, we defined three objectives to bring the brand strategy recommendations to life: aligning communications, behaviour, products, and environments; long-term transformation with commitment from the top; and modulating the brand idea into the right propositions for each market. This took the form of a number of brand activation initiatives, an internal engagement programme, and a long-term brand guardianship role. Today, Fujitsu is slowly emerging as one global company – helped by a brand that ensures that every division works together as part of a coherent whole.