Building a frictionless world

Building a frictionless world

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies have a clear goal: to revolutionise mobility by offering super-fast travel speeds at ground level, safely. They have developed frictionless electromagnetic levitation technology that can propel passengers and freight at up to 1223km/h, silently and emission free. 

The company is now entering a crucial phase of growth, supported by a strong foundation of agreements with some of the world’s leading economies to build systems for both passenger and commercial transport.

HyperloopTT approached Saffron to help evolve their brand to reflect the credibility of the technology and the team, and to deliver a brand that can launch them into the next phase of development.

More time

Using HyperloopTT’s strategic foundation as inspiration, we created a purpose-led design philosophy.

Honing in on the tangible benefits HyperloopTT will bring to passengers’ lives, the concept is built around the creation of ‘More’. By delivering the next breakthrough in mobility, Hyperloop will make peoples’ lives more frictionless, empowering people to have more time, choice and freedom.

Taking the lead

The brand identity moves beyond tropes of speed which crowd the market. Instead, the brand assets employ a principle of ‘more’ to create a distinctive wordmark, iconic symbol and design toolkit that differentiates HyperloopTT from competitors, essential during this stage of their rapid progress.

Building faith and credibility

Equipped with a visual language and inspirational art direction that reflect their vision, the talented international team can bolster their revolutionary technology with the added security lent by a coherent experience. The guidelines set the course for an identity that will help the company build credibility with a consistency across all platforms.

Move humanity forward

Building on HyperloopTT’s clear vision to move humanity forward by revolutionising mobility, the new brand is a key step in the company’s path to implementing the world’s first Hyperloop transport system.

Telling the story of the future

The brand tells the company’s story to the different groups that they communicate with. Alongside unpacking the time-saving potential to passengers, it demonstrates to governments their engagement with urban planning and regulation whilst convincing investors of their capabilities to deliver on their business model.

It was unveiled in Cleveland, Ohio, alongside the positive feasibility study for the Great Lakes system, which will reduce travel times between Chicago and Cleveland from 5-6 hours by car to 32 minutes. 

We are delighted to have partnered with HyperloopTT’s global team, from LA to Toulouse, and look forward to seeing them revolutionise travel for the 21st century.