A new star is born

A new star is born

Reaching the tipping point

Having led a young and dynamic market for almost two decades, in 2014, Kyivstar set about proving itself once again. The vision was to reinforce its position as one of the country's most inspiring brands and play a central role in rebooting Ukraine’s telco industry.

The process of updating the Kyivstar brand was activated by a strategic decision to unify all its commercial efforts into a consolidated monobrand. As well as this unification, there was a company-wide effort to bring to the market a whole range of new products and services in easy-to-use packages that anyone can afford.

Supporting change

Operating in a difficult geopolitical situation, Kyivstar has an overarching vision that goes beyond minutes, screens, Gs and megabytes. They are passionate about one thing above all: the country and the people they serve – a better Ukraine.

Alongside this vision, the full integration of the Kyivstar organisation would mark a sea change for both the business and the entire Ukrainian telco market.

Consolidating these two thoughts, our maxim ‘Better together’ is helping drive Kyivstar forward. It’s a big promise, born out of the company’s drive to support the people they work for and work with: customers, employees, businesses and households.

A human star

The generic look of the existing visual identity contradicted the company’s new outlook. The cold and distant feel of the existing star logo and its politically influenced aesthetics was in dire need of development.

Accommodating a passionate directive to retain the star motif in some form, we developed a new marque that represents the human side of Kyivstar.

While the updated star symbol is, primarily, an expression of the power and technological expertise of the leading telecoms brand in Ukraine, it’s flexible, playful nature indicates closeness, optimism and change.

A meaningful visual system

The colour scheme, inspired by the national flag, celebrates Kyivstar as the only Ukrainian telecoms brand in the market. The blue represents boldness and purpose while the yellow is used to signify and highlight the active, human element, which is part of a shift away from product-centric imagery.

Friendly typography and a set of simply drawn icons complete a comprehensive communication system that will allow the brand to express itself in a consistent way.

An outgoing spirit

Exuding positivity and warmth, our lighthearted interpretations of the visual identity reflect the interactivity and modernity that the brand promises at every touchpoint.

Environmental engineering

Joining forces with architects Malka + Portús, we created an inspiring high street destination for the country’s technology needs. We explored space planning and service delivery to develop a retail strategy that opened up new opportunities, eliminated barriers and simplified procedures and flows.

An inviting space

The new store concept is a natural and coherent extension of the new brand: modern and inspiring while welcoming and comfortable. Furniture and fittings echo the shapes and colours of the visual identity, picking up on the rounded forms of the star and other elements. The overall bold, graphic effect is complemented by the use of light wood finishes, fabrics and soft, focused lighting.