Tech changers

A new era

LTI is the global technology consulting and digital solutions arm of the Larsen & Toubro Group, one of India's most prestigious engineering & technology conglomerates. To strengthen its position as a leading partner for businesses undergoing a digital transformation, LTI engaged Saffron to develop a new brand strategy and identity.

Pioneering solutions

Leveraging the engineering heritage of its parent company, LTI found itself well-positioned to tackle the challenges that come with a world where bricks and bytes are seamlessly connected. Under a core idea of ‘Pioneering Solutions in a Converging World', Saffron helped LTI articulate its commitment to transforming businesses and preparing them for an ever-changing and increasingly complex global context.

Internally, the brand idea aims to drive all LTI employees to learn, grow and innovate, as they play their part in transforming their own business. A set of key beliefs further strengthens employee engagement to the new brand and LTI's commitment to their clients.

A new slogan

Born from the brand idea, a new tagline 'Let's Solve' expresses the position of LTI as a consulting and execution partner that offers solutions for their clients’ toughest challenges.

Thinking with a Mosaic mind

The revised brand architecture follows a monolithic model, the only exception to this being ‘Mosaic’, a key offering from LTI based on Mobile, Online, Social, Automation, IoT and Cloud services. The Mosaic range of products and solutions has been given a new and central role within the company.

As LTI continues to invest in building capabilities for their clients’ benefit, acquisitions with independent brands will be endorsed by "An LTI Company" and later incorporated into the monolithic brand architecture model.

Looking to the horizon – and beyond

The new visual language revolves around the concept of ‘Mosaic,’ which represents the coming together of physical and digital technologies. The colors are derived from the 'horizon', a powerful symbol of convergence where the blue of the ocean meets the amber of the sky. All of these concepts are translated into a dynamic, agile and energetic language that acts as visual proof of LTI's commitment to convergence and to deliver beyond what is expected.

LTI's new ‘mosaic' language transcends two-dimensionality and is visible throughout all building environments, signage, and exhibition spaces.

The new brand strategy and identity were launched in April 2017, as part of LTI's 20th anniversary. The launch was met with positive internal reception and a healthy amount of buzz in the business and IT media.

We are excited to see the new brand implemented and look forward to seeing LTI's success in the future.