Find Wonder

With the likes of Netflix transforming the way in which TV content is created and distributed, traditional players are being disrupted and need to act. Aware of this, M7 Group, a pan-European media and satellite TV provider, engaged Saffron to help reposition their brand.

A fantastic but undifferentiated provider, M7 Group needed a new strategy to define its competitive advantage and establish a stronger emotional bond with its subscribers. Most importantly, the new positioning had to work across its seven markets throughout Europe, aligning their brand and marketing efforts.

TV is dead. Long live TV.

After an extensive research phase, Saffron identified four main user dilemmas that needed to be addressed through the repositioning of the M7 Group brand. Our response was a brand that made M7 an insightful, friendly voice that suggested just the right thing to watch for the mood users are in. A brand that appealed to the emotions that come with watching TV, and made it social pastime in ways that are relevant today. This was summed up in 'Find Wonder' as the brand idea.

Working as a tagline, Find Wonder invites the subscriber to discover the vast amount of content the group and its brands have to offer. At the same time, it reminds the viewer of the wondrous quality that the best TV content has and the wonder of sharing the experience with whoever they choose to.

To strengthen the idea of Find Wonder, Saffron developed a narrative and set of key messages that unpack and expand on what makes the Group different from its competitors across markets. Moreover, a brand personality and tone of voice were developed to guide the Group and its brands' marketing and communication strategies, and procure an emotional relationship with their subscribers.

Equity and efficiency

Next was the task of streamlining M7 Group's portfolio of operating brands. Operating across seven different European markets under seven different names, M7 Group found it necessary but operationally inefficient to have individual marketing budgets for each of the countries. Though some of these brands enjoyed some equity in their respective markets, the majority were neither visible nor consistent when compared to the competition. And none of them aligned with each other or the Group's brand.

As a first step towards greater operational efficiency, Saffron aligned all brands using Find Wonder. We developed a single visual identity that could be applied to all brands, including the Group, while retaining their existing names. The latter was done to preserve brand equity in each of the markets, and create the least possible disruption to their current subscribers.

The identity at work

The new identity is centred around the logo, which is drawn from the idea of a kaleidoscope, moving with and responding to the content it is exposed to – offering users a myriad of unexpected ways to Find Wonder.

When pulled apart, the logo informs the design system and visual layout. Together with a photography style that celebrates people and their emotions when watching TV, they make the identity appear more human and reflecting of the Group's shift to more emotional communications.

Likewise, a proprietary typeface was informed by and harmonised with the logo. This typeface was designed to work across all of the Group's existing markets, thus containing every character needed for a seamless use. A set bespoke iconography was also derived from the logo, and it is to be used across markets and mediums. 

Wonder is coming

The new M7 Group brand and its respective sub-brands have launched, and they continue to be implemented on and off the screen.