Hello, I'm Nude

Hello, I'm Nude

Sisecam Group are an industrial group operating on an international scale in the fields of flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and chemicals. In a market dominated mostly by old-school European glassware brands with a heritage and aesthetic based on tradition and decoration, they asked Saffron to create a new brand that would appeal to a younger-minded, more discerning international market.

We began by questioning many of the current market norms and habits. Bearing in mind the excesses of some of the older European glassmakers, the positioning we developed together with Sisecam Group was based on an elemental and elementary foundation – the idea being to strip away anything and everything that was not essential and did not serve a real need or function. Environments, function, purpose and clarity became key to the new brand and vision, and so the name ‘Nude’ was developed – a name that captures the striking and surprising nature, as well as the simplicity of the material and its functional forms.

Nude was designed to appeal to a variety of different global markets, drawing upon alliances and design partnerships with architects and artists who can bring new and experimental ideas and designs to infuse the brand with an international and constantly novel vernacular. Ron Arad and Swarovski are the first partnerships of note, both bringing their own unique design language to the Nude experience.

The name and brand strategy were supported by a logo and design language that captures the clarity and simplicity of the idea through subtle colours and suggestive imagery. Pink adds a bold and humorous touch to the colour palette while the geometric logo traces the curvature of blown glass. The visual language is simple and invites partnership in its expression through collaborations in global markets.

The Nude brand brings a refreshing new angle to an age-old industry of domestic glassware – you might even say that Nude has never looked so good!