Payments. We get it.

Saffron created a new brand strategy and visual identity for Payvision, a key player in the payments processing industry.

One Payvision

Payvision is a young, successful FinTech company providing payment processing services to businesses across the world. Based in Amsterdam, they were acquired by Dutch bank ING in 2018, kick-starting a new phase of growth, alongside merging their affiliate company Acapture under the name Payvision.

We created one new brand that reflected their unique culture and bold spirit. This was brought to life through a new visual identity to show the world their true colours.

Shaking-up the industry

As an innovative force in the payments processing landscape, Payvision brought an energetic approach that had allowed them to offer not only simplicity of payments but also business growth. The strong bond they create with customers differentiated them in an industry that provides an essential but complex service.

As they moved from start-up to industry player, they wanted to ensure they retained their challenger spirit and strong company culture, and that this essence was perceived externally by customers and talent.

Getting under their skin

We undertook workshops and interviews with internal and external stakeholders in Amsterdam, London and Madrid to immerse ourselves in the world of Payvision and understand what made the company tick.

Capturing culture

Payvision’s culture has been carefully nurtured by the strong personalities of the 3 founders over the past 17 years to the point that it has become a key part of the service they provide. Our strategists identified this culture as one of the company’s core strengths, and a crucial foundation for the brand.

We created a brand toolbox that defined the core brand story and purpose along with the behaviours, personality and tone of voice. This toolbox provides Payvision with the formula to preserve the power of their culture and to instill it in new team members.

A new brand purpose: The beat of payments

Payvision has a bold approach to disrupting the payments processing industry, priding themselves on aiming high and pushing boundaries to make a difference in the market.

With a focus on adding a human side and a lively rhythm to this traditionally complex industry, they have created simplified solutions for business clients, empowering them to create great customer experiences across retail, travel, gaming, marketplaces and software businesses.

Payments. We get it.

The new brand brings this vision to life, with the claim ‘Payments. We get it.’ This embodies their customer-centric and easy-going approach, simplifying complex processes as well as their professionalism and dependability.

Visual Identity

The visual identity had to reflect the energy and approachability of the company, whilst remaining as sophisticated as the expertise they hold and the technology they provide. The cornerstones of the design are simplicity and fluidity, to symbolise the value added by Payvision’s products.

Showing Payvision’s true colours

The new identity reflects their character to potential customers and prospective talent: both crucial ingredients for their planned growth.

The highly coloured system was imbued with many colours so it could offer flexibility. As an empathetic brand, colour serves to create moods and express feelings effectively, allowing Payvision to tailor their communications in a sophisticated way.

Simple design for complex concepts

Payvision’s role is to ensure trust, security and a smooth purchasing process, concepts that are simple principles, with highly complex delivery. The design language reflects this, mirroring the role Payvision plays for their customers by simplifying communications with clear lines, uncluttered visuals and clear statements.

The photography shows the human side of their service, connecting people and businesses with the products and services they need or offer. It’s a reminder that payments processing lies behind everything that we do, and Payvision’s approach is human-centric.


We worked with Payvision in a highly collaborative way throughout the project, ensuring the brand will be brought to life by Payvision’s team across all the touchpoints.

We also played a role in engaging key stakeholders within the company with the power of brand to achieve business goals.

A springboard for growth

As the company grows fast, the new brand expresses the creativity and energy of the team driving that success. For customers, the human-centric approach and vibrant, simple identity bring a breath of fresh air in an industry filled with complicated solutions, speaking to business owners who value forward thinking. The brand now serves as a tool to attract the international talent that will project future growth.