Alcohol and Drug Foundation

Preventing harm in Australia

Preventing harm in Australia

We all know that alcohol and drugs play a significant part in the societal problems we face today, but do we know how best to approach these problems and - perhaps more importantly - where they stem from?

The Australian Drug Foundation (as it was then called) had been the go-to resource on harm caused by Alcohol and other Drugs (AoD) for over 60 years, and had identified the need to use their expertise to change the way we engage with the many complex issues around AoD use.

By focusing efforts on 'Primary Prevention' - getting to the problem before it occurs - the ADF hoped to drive a shift in how society views those who experience trouble with alcohol and other drugs, in turn focusing government expenditure on where it has the greatest impact.

The first step in achieving this was to bring the organisation's different programs and activities together within a redesigned brand architecture system, ensuring that it met the diverse needs of government, the community, NGO partners and the many other senior stakeholders who depend on the ongoing success of the ADF.

Preventing harm

Starting with a name change to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, highlighting the common misconception that alcohol isn't a drug, the ADF embarked on a path to much greater public visibility which required a new identity system that was approachable, flexible and able to communicate the brand's new purpose: preventing harm in Australia.

The accompanying visual identity is a literal deconstruction and reconstruction of its predecessor, communicating the desire to build on the great work achieved by the organisation in the past. Its component pieces can be used to build almost anything and communicate any message, allowing the identity to reach across all touch points without homogeneity. Meaningful use of photography, iconography, animation and simple copy create a deep yet uncomplicated system that stands out from its peers. 

The brand video was developed in partnership with Australian motion graphic design company Never Sit Still. For the website we worked with Liquorice


There is more to come, as the ADF extends it's engagement with the community in support of identifying people at risk of falling in harm's way and understanding the causes behind it. For the time being, however, the ADF has joined the growing ranks of for-purpose organisations who understand the power of their brand to help affect social change, and the role strategic brand consulting plays in this. In the words of our client: "{What's} important is finding an agency that will work collaboratively while maintaining the creative and strategic integrity that’s necessary. We have found a balance and my team has benefited from Luke’s team. It’s been about sharing ideas and Saffron has come up with really brilliant stuff."

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