Home away from home

Home away from home

Ever tried flying between (unfairly termed) 'second tier cities' in Europe? Then you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Long stopovers and high costs contribute to an altogether unsatisfying experience. Volotea changes that.

At home in the air

Focusing on what people needed in terms of flying and travelling, we imagined a disruptive Brand Idea: “Ex-centricity”. Excentricity as deviation from the normal, expected or established, and as a deviation from a circular path or orbit in mathematics. 

Operating out of Italy, France, Spain, Germany and England, Volotea connects smaller sized cities across Europe, bringing convenience and fair prices to people and places ignored by the bigger airlines.

When the company was yet to launch and Saffron was asked to create a distinctive brand experience, Volotea first thought about operating flights to Latin America.

The natural and distinctive visual identity was inspired by the classic every day Mediterranean tablecloth. Placing it in an unexpected context we aimed to bring a touch of familiarity to an otherwise quite alien experience.

Having identified the need to connect second tier cities that aren't easily connected, the purpose was defending normality - "Making normal what is usually rare". Instead of an airline of countries, an airline of cities. Instead of central, local.

In other words, the Brand Idea and the Business Model came together.

Big, new – Volotea

The name was inspired by the verb ‘volotear’ appearing for the first time in a poem by Pablo Neruda, Mariposa de Otoño. This simpler version of the Spanish verb ‘revolotear’ means to swirl around – something denizens of Europe’s smaller cities will be doing more easily now that Volotea’s taken off. A few months after launch, Volotea was named ‘Biggest New Airline‘ at the Euro Annies 2012 and in 2017 it was awarded by Trip Advisor as the ‘Best Airline of Spain‘ and one of the 10 "Best Low Cost" airlines in Europe.