We make

brand work.

About us

Brand works best:

When it is a means to an end.

Remains authentic to who you are, and relevant to those it serves.

When it comes to life both inside and outside your business.

We make brand work, by working hard for your brand.

With our seasoned experience, global perspectives and our characteristic “brutal charm”, we guide clients through rapidly changing and often disruptive realities.

Proudly independent, we are a global boutique consultancy, emphasising a pragmatic, fun, direct approach. That means more creativity and inspiration for our clients. And less bullshit.

Why? Because we’re convinced brand is the catalyst for change. It is more than strategy and design. It’s the sum total of all experiences people connected to a business have of it. Saffron inspires those experiences and realises better outcomes for planet, people and profit.

Our truths


Natively Global

We’re from everywhere and at home anywhere, working as a single seamless team from wherever we’re needed. We value diversity of origins and perspectives; always immersing ourselves in the world around us, listening, learning, exploring and discovering.

Charm and Brutality

We uncover complex truths which we share with clarity, courage and charm. We never shy away from asking difficult questions in pursuit of the right answers.

One Saffron

No matter where we are, we are one; one Saffron culture working as one team across the world. Our goals are united and our experiences are shared through daily collaboration across our locations and also through celebrating each other’s achievements.

IQ and EQ

We put as much emphasis on empathy and intuition as we do on data and research, combining emotional understanding with intellectual rigour to find insight.

Pushing Further

We’re tenacious and determined. Never settling for the first idea, but always going further to push the limits of possibility.

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