Intersections that power the world of art


  • Art Basel

Intersections that power the world of art

An art world disrupted

For over 50 years, Art Basel has brought together key players across the art world, establishing a reputation as the most prestigious contemporary art fair globally. But even leading brands aren’t immune to disruption. A new wave of younger, more diverse and digitally-savvy collectors have emerged with more varied tastes and buying habits. Digital trends accelerated by the pandemic have also disrupted the way people experience and collect artworks. Confronted with a broader and more interconnected art ecosystem, Art Basel recognised a need to evolve their business strategy. Following Willem de Kooning’s philosophy, applicable both in art and life, you “have to change to stay the same.”

Aligning brand with business

At a key moment in their journey of transformation - launching the Paris+ fair, growing their product portfolio, and exploring new digital mediums - Art Basel needed to rearticulate their role in the art ecosystem. The overriding perception of Art Basel as a physical meeting point was no longer compatible with their business evolution. They needed an inspiring new brand strategy to reflect who they had grown into and their ambition for the future. A tool to navigate disruption; a simple concept to cut through the complex, connect all of Art Basel’s activities, and unite internal teams towards one goal.

The power of intersection

To define an ownable brand idea that would communicate this evolution, we started with what makes Art Basel authentic. As one of the first international art fairs in the world, they have long been a pioneer, born to bring people and art together. But today, they are more than a host, more than a meeting place, and more than a connector. Our key insight revealed that Art Basel is a cross-pollinator: intersecting ideas, disciplines and cultures to unlock possibilities that push the art world forward. Whether it's east and west, global and local, technology and analogue, or art and music - Art Basel creates moments of intersection across the creative ecosystem that inspire and are fuelled by a purpose to sustain the art world for the future.